Stablecoin Standard

The Gluwacoin Standard is a stablecoin standard designed, implemented, and supported by the Gluwacoin Trust. The standard has built-in interoperability, which connects its ecosystem to other blockchains. It also includes security features, compliance features, and upgrade features that provide the desired level of security and elasticity.
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What is Gluwacoin?

Fiat-backed Token on a Blockchain

The Gluwacoin Standard is a cryptographic token standard. Gluwacoin is a token issued according to that standard. The token is strictly pegged 1:1 to a target fiat currency. The issuer can create a different type of Gluwacoin by pegging it to a different fiat currency. For example, the Gluwacoin pegged to the U.S. dollar is called USD Gluwacoin.

Non-custodial Exchange

Gluwacoin creates an inter-blockchain network by supporting functions for non-custodial exchange use cases. Instead of trusting a 3rd party to hold Gluwacoins for an exchange, a user can request the 3rd party to lock Gluwacoins at the user’s account instead. The locked Gluwacoins are called a reserve and can only be released to the pre-designated receiver or unlocked back to the sender. Note that the exchange can happen not only between Gluwacoins but also with other cryptocurrencies.


The fund backing Gluwacoins are attested to a 3rd party accounting services firm. We publish those reports so that you can be confident that Gluwacoin is always 100% redeemable for the target fiat currency.
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